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The power of plasma energy has arrived!


Number of Sessions

1 - 3

Operation Time

15 - 45 Minutes

Persistence of Results




Sensitivity Time

7 - 10 Days

Time to Return to Work



Cream Based Anesthesia


All Seasons

Plexr: What is it?

A new generation gadget called Plexr is used to treat various skin lesions, non-surgically tighten tissue, and minimize deep lines and wrinkles. Plexr transforms the surrounding air into plasma energy, the fourth state of matter, and applies vapor to the skin’s surface in the application region. As a result, the tissue in that location begins to regenerate. Due to the fact that it only affects the treated area, it gives a quick recovery time.

What Functions Does Plexr Serve?

  • Getting rid of freckles and warts
  • Cosmetic eyelid procedures without surgery
  • Getting rid of eyelid fatty deposits (xanthelasma)
  • Reviving the eye area and getting rid of the fine lines
  • Getting rid of upper lip wrinkles
  • Getting rid of skin spots and stretch marks
  • Getting rid of scars, such as acne scars

How Is Plexr Performed?

The nitrogen and water vapor that are present in the air in a gaseous condition are converted into plasma in the application region by Plexr using high energy. The treatment’s ion cloud has an impact on the skin’s surface and promotes the necessary regeneration.

What Steps Should You Take Following the Procedure?

  • The day following treatment, transient edema on the upper and lower eyelids is possible. No particular safety measure is necessary.
  • The day following therapy, one may shower.
  • Three times per day, the treatment area should be washed with a mild cleanser. It is not advisable to pluck or remove scabs. The skin beneath the scabs that come off between days 7 and 10 has to be shielded from UV rays. Until the follow-up consultation, the suggested liquid foundation with sunscreen may be applied for a month. Up until the redness totally goes away, sun protection should still be used.

Who is Eligible for This Process?

Everyone is eligible for plexr treatment with the exception of those who are pregnant and those who have open wounds or infections close to the treatment area.

Is The Procedure Painful?

It doesn’t hurt to do it. Anesthesia is injected locally 30 minutes before the application.

Do Any Side Effects Exist?

Skin patches may appear if the treatment region is not sufficiently protected.