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Lip Filler

The fantasy of having full, shaped lips is over!


Number of Sessions


Operation Time

30 Minutes

Persistence of Results

8*12 Months



Sensitivity Time


Time to Return to Work



Anesthesia With Cream


All Seasons

What Is Lip Filler?

Dermal fillers are injected into the inner portion of the lips or the area around them to define and accentuate the lips. Although there are several lip filler utilized in lip augmentation, including permanent/semi-synthetic and animal-derived fillers, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are the most dependable and often used fillers.

Hyaluronic acid, which enables skin cells to retain water and gives the skin its volume, is a crucial component of connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid fillers differ from other fillers in that there is very little chance of an allergic reaction or the body rejecting them. This produces lips that look more naturally formed.

The caliber of the filler utilized is the key factor in successful lip augmentation. The application should be done while taking into account the individual’s facial structure and maintaining the naturalness of the face. It is not a universal technique that is carried out in the same manner on everyone.


What Is It Used For?

  • Correction of asymmetry in the lips,
  • Defining the lip lines,
  • Augmenting the lips and making them fit aesthetic proportions,
  • Correction of changes that occur with age, such as loss of volume, wrinkles and sagging on the lips.


How Is the Procedure Carried Out?

Before beginning the treatment, anesthetic cream is applied 30 to 45 minutes in advance. A little needle is used to inject the filler material at the doctor’s designated places.


How Long Do the Effects Last?

Hyaluronic acid-based filling materials are used in lip filler injections, and the results last for eight to twelve months. Small touch-ups may be performed if desired by the patient or if the doctor feels it essential during the follow-up appointment that takes place one to two weeks after the application.

Although the results are fast, it may be difficult to quickly increase the lips in those with very thin lips. In these circumstances, the procedure can be broken up into two to three sessions, with the lips being gradually enhanced over a period of six to eight months.


Who Can Benefit From Lip Filler?

  • People with thin lips,
  • Those with age-related lip thinning,
  • Those who want to have fuller and shapely lips.


Who Can Not Get Lip Filler?

  • Pregnant individuals,
  • Patients with active herpes infection,
  • Those with inflammatory skin conditions,
  • Those with hypersensitivity to the materials used.