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Lamina Dental Veneer

Healthy and beautiful teeth are the foundation of a stunning smile.


Number of Sessions


Operation Time

10 Days

Persistence of Results

5 Years



Sensitivity Time

2-3 Days

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All Seasons

With the help of lamina dental veneer, healthy and beautiful teeth are the foundation of a stunning smile. But in other people, the appearance of their smiles may deteriorate for reasons like discolouration, bruising, and crowding in the front teeth, and they might not be happy with the way they seem when they smile. When a person’s grin aesthetics are inadequate, they may encounter a wide range of psychological and social issues.

In the past, veneers, which were designed to restructure the teeth and improve the looks of the smile, caused some issues because they involved significant tooth reduction and abrasion. But these days, it’s much simpler to get a gorgeous smile thanks to the invention of porcelain laminates.

Medi Voyage is available to you at all of its locations and through its knowledgeable physician staff to reflect the opportunities that technology, like as laminate veneers, offers for your smile.


Lamina Dental Veneer: What Is It? What Benefits Are There?

The veneers used specifically on front teeth are called lamina dental veneer, also referred to as leaf porcelain. No or very little abrasion is applied to the teeth when placing these veneers. Healthy tooth tissues are kept intact as a result. Only the front surfaces of the teeth and, in certain cases, the incisors are covered by laminate veneers, which are made of a very thin construction.


Laminate Veneers Are For Whom?

Anyone who has finished growing their teeth and jaws and is dissatisfied with the way their teeth and grin look can have laminate veneers. The following are some scenarios when laminate coatings are required:

  • In situations where the front teeth have been damaged by fractures and abrasions
  • When a person’s teeth are so discolored that whitening procedures are ineffective
  • When individuals with minor crowding don’t want to get orthodontic treatment
  • In patients who, notwithstanding orthodontic treatment, are unable to acquire an acceptable smile aesthetic
  • When there are gaps between the front teeth, or diastema,
  • Surface decay on the anterior teeth
  • In situations when tooth length is uneven or too short
  • When there are structural flaws or poor tooth enamel due to genetics
  • When tooth forms exhibit anatomical abnormalities
  • Old fillings that are stained and worn out
  • In line with smile design


What Benefits Do Lamina Dental Veneer Offer?

The fact that laminate veneers offer excellent aesthetic qualities is one of its most significant advantages. They can be produced with the desired color and picture thanks to the characteristics of the ceramics used in their creation, giving them a lovely and natural appearance. Because of this, it is one of the most used coating techniques when creating a grin.

Patients with good dental hygiene can utilize laminate coatings for many years without experiencing difficulties with discoloration brought on by substances like tea and coffee because of the smoothness of their surface structure.

Lamina veneers also have the significant benefit of not causing unneeded material loss in healthy teeth.

It has always been debatable whether healthy teeth should be abraded or reduced for aesthetic reasons. However, laminate coatings get rid of this issue. The patients’ comfort levels can be greatly improved both during and following therapy by doing this.

Lamina veneers are affixed one by one and can be applied to a single tooth or several teeth at once. In comparison to veneers created in blocks, cleaning in between the teeth is more simpler this way. Additionally, when they smile, they look far more beautiful and natural than veneers that are produced in blocks.


Do Laminate Coatings Last Long?

Lamina veneers are made of porcelain with a high strength. They have a high level of abrasion resistance as a result. They are more sensitive than porcelains that wrap the entire tooth or those supported by metal, nevertheless, because of their thin structure. They are not advised to be used on the back teeth because of how strong the chewing force is there.

If the required maintenance and oral care are given, laminate veneers placed correctly and in the proper location can be worn for many years without compromising health.


What Factors Should Laminate Coatings Take Into Account?

Lamina veneers are prosthetics that need to be prepared, measured, and applied with accuracy. It is crucial that the procedure be carried out by a doctor who has experience with lamina veneers and high hand sensitivity. Although laminate coatings are very resistant to abrasion pressures, their thin structure makes them vulnerable to fractures from vertical forces. It is advised to use night plates in patients who have issues with teeth clenching and grinding for this reason. The gums and laminate veneers work in perfect harmony. Because of this, any gum irritation you may have could throw off the coating’s balance and reduce its longevity. As a result, oral hygiene needs to be given more consideration. It’s important to remember to use mouthwash and dental floss in addition to brushing.

Prior to the placement of laminate veneers, it is advised that patients who have bad habits such as biting their nails or chewing on hard objects avoid doing so. When trying to open or break any hard object, it is important to avoid biting foods that will put too much force on the teeth on which laminate veneers are constructed, such as hard-shelled meals. By taking the required precautions, twice-yearly dental examinations by the dentist are crucial to extending the lifespan of laminate veneers.