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Face and Neck Lift

Everyone wants to have tight skin!


Number of Sessions


Operation Time

6 - 7 Hours

Persistence of Results



1 Day

Sensitivity Time

2 - 3 Weeks

Time to Return to Work

3 Weeks





Face and neck lift improve the sagging neck and face muscles by tightening them and enhance the region’s overall appearance.

A Facelift: What Is It?

The center and lower portions of the face are surgically tightened during a typical facelift, to put it simply. These areas include the neck and the region between the chin and the lower portion of the cheeks.

The skin is pulled toward the scalp and in front of the ear during facelift procedures, and the extra tissues are removed. The removal of extra fat may be necessary. Facelift procedures tighten the skin around the jaw and neck while removing cheek wrinkles.

A Necklift: What Is It?

Necklifts tighten and enhance the drooping neck muscles, as well as enhance the region’s overall appearance.

Extra fat under the jaw is also removed and realigned during this treatment. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully carry out neck lift surgery. Otherwise, if the neck strap is too tight or raised excessively, it may cause discomfort in your neck or make your face and neck appear asymmetries.

Who is Eligible for Face and Neck Lift?

A doctor consultation should always come first for surgical treatments like this one. The severity and number of health issues may make it difficult to carry out these procedures. Smoking raises the likelihood of surgical complications because it causes smokers’ wounds to heal more slowly.

People with the following complaints are typically candidates for these procedures:

  • Those whose cheeks are drooping or have wrinkles
  • Individuals with extra skin or fat around their jawlines
  • Those who have excess neck skin

What Kinds of Risks and Complications Exist in Face and Neck Lift?

Risks and difficulties might arise during face and neck lift procedures. Some of these can be treated with the right medical attention, medication, or surgery. Although they are uncommon, long-term or permanent problems can result in noticeable changes in appearance.