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Buttock Aesthetic

For an hourglass-shaped body!


Number of Sessions


Operation Time

2 Hours

Persistence of Results



1 Day

Sensitivity Time

2- 3 Weeks

Time to Return to Work

2- 3 Weeks





Buttock aesthetic is a surgical treatment used to remodel the body’s hips and buttocks to create the look of an hourglass.

How Are Operations for Buttock Aesthetic Performed?

Although buttock aesthetic procedures are typically performed for cosmetic reasons, the plastic surgeon will determine during the consultation whether the patient is a good candidate for this procedure.

Applications for buttock aesthetics involve a variety of techniques. According to the doctor’s advice, the operation that is best for the patient’s body type is chosen. The steps for the approach judged appropriate are carried out in procedures carried out under general anesthesia.

Butt enlargement for cosmetic reasons is a possibility thanks to recently improved plastic surgical techniques. Two distinct techniques can often be employed for buttock aesthetics. These buttlift procedures use silicone implants and fat injection, just like in breast augmentation surgeries.

How Is Buttock Aesthetics with Fat Injection Done?

The soft tissue is the primary concern in the fat injection technique. This gives the buttocks a more natural-looking and feeling appearance. In order to achieve the optimum appearance in the buttocks, the liposuctioned fat from the waist is filtered, purified, and then injected into the outer region of the butt. Fat grafting is another name for this technique.

Patients with low body fat ratios should avoid having buttock cosmetic procedures with fat transfer (fat injection). The patient must have enough fat tissue in the abdomen, hips, and area surrounding the thighs to execute this treatment. However, by removing fat from certain tissues to be used in the butt lift surgery, the amount of fat tissue in these locations is reduced, giving the appearance of a thinner body.

The following are considerations to make when doing fat injection to the buttocks:

  • Compared to silicone treatments, fat transfer involves fewer risks because no incisions are performed during the procedure.
  • Larger fat injection dosages enhance the risk factor.
  • In these cases, the total recovery time ranges from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Act slowly and deliberately when sitting and standing during the first few days after the surgery. Please seek assistance from someone if necessary.
  • Numerous published scientific articles support the idea that injecting synthetic materials into the buttocks can result in harmful reactions and unintended effects.
  • It would be quite expensive to use materials like collagen in buttock fillers because the process would need to be performed frequently.